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Why Us

  Quality Control Mechanism
Kangxin is one of the few IP firms which have obtained ISO 9001 certification. The implementation of ISO 9001 quality control system has helped us to establish clear standards and guidelines in each aspect of our operations. Furthermore, we utilize a streamlined review system and state-of-the-art computer systems to ensure deadlines are met and matters proceed on schedule.
Another important goal of the ISO 9001 certificated is to ensure continuous improvement on quality standards. We are keenly aware that over time, our clients’ expectations continue to rise. With our ISO certificated system, we can regularly collect and analyze office actions, client feedback, and internal audit statistics, to create solutions to regularly improve our services. Such improvements are made by developing tailored internal training programs as well as guidelines and databases. Thereafter, results of such measures are routinely checked and evaluated in order to make sure they indeed are able to improve our clients’ satisfaction.
  Responsiveness & Professional Advice
At Kangxin, we make sure that all client inquiries are replied to promptly, i.e. within 24 hours generally, and before close of business of the receipt day for Asian clients.
When we respond, we provide a full analysis and tailored advice, together with an estimated quotation, list of required documents, and other noteworthy issues in one letter, so as to save time for both clients and ourselves. 
  Commercial Awareness
We understand that quality standards should be based on our clients’ satisfaction. It is our view that such satisfaction should be measured by whether our services help clients achieve specific business objectives, such as the protected use of a trademark in a certain market, obtaining a better position in negotiation over the cross-licensing of patents, or the freedom to export products from certain markets.
By keeping these objectives in mind, we are able to provide practical advice with the most cost-efficient and time-efficient solution to our clients.
  Comprehensive IP Services 
As a one-stop IP services provider, Kangxin can assist clients for all IP matters, covering patent, trademark, domain name, copyright, computer software, and from search, prosecution, investigation, litigation, enforcement, transaction, to strategic consulting.  
The advantages of our comprehensive IP services are also demonstrated by the close and efficient collaboration among our teams when working on complicated cases, such as a patent infringement litigation which involves patent invalidation, or a negotiation of a trademark assignment which involves investigation of trademark use. In these complicated cases, each task is handled by the most appropriate professional with expertise and experience in the respective field and then the team comes together to ensure the overall objectives of the client are met.