Since its opening in 1994, patent applications filed by Kangxin have had a success rate of over 90% - one of the highest percentages in China.


Staffed by attorneys with experience in both Chinese and international law and practice, Kangxin is recognized as having one of the strongest trademark practice groups in China.
IP Enforcement

IP Enforcement

Kangxin’s legal practice has experience in a wide variety of intellectual property disputes, including those related to patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, unfair competition, and technology transfer disputes.


  • IP Strategy and Design
  • Training

IP Consulting:
 IP Strategy Consulting
 Business Consulting
 Invalidation / Public Opinion
 Trademark Strategy Planning and Management
 Trademark Design and Adaption to the Chinese Market
 Due Diligence


 Preliminary Searches
 Invalidation Searches
 Litigation Searches
 Clearance Searches
 Specific Subject Searches
 Prior Art Searches
 Competitor Investigation searches
 Legal Status Searches
 Patent Family Searches
 Trademark Search and Watch

Course Programs:
 Current IP Legal Issues and Trends
 Chinese IP Foundation Courses

Types of Courses:
 Classrooms / Online Study
 Customised In-house Training Courses
 On-site Training Programs
 Seminars / Salons