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Kangxin's Brandy E. Baker (Of Foreign Counsel) Assists in the Launch of the INTA Pro Bono Clearinghouse Program

  • TIME: 2017-08-17 16:26:13
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Kangxin Partners is proud to announce the launch of INTA's Pro Bono Pilot Clearinghouse Program which matches low-income clients and/or nonprofit or charitable organizations in need of trademark assistance with INTA attorney members, who can assist on a pro bono basis. Mrs. Brandy Baker, Of Foreign Counsel at Kangxin, has worked on the INTA Pro Bono Committee for the past four years to get this program off the ground. The Clearinghouse pilot program will initially launch in the United States and Germany to test the program and optimize the process, but the Committee hopes to extend the program further internationally in the future. The Committee is currently actively seeking potential clients to participate in the program. For more information on how to apply for pro bono trademark services, please visit the Pro Bono Clearinghouse webpage:

In addition to the Pilot Program, Mrs. Baker along with her Pro Bono Committee colleagues have focused on creating pro bono programs to educate INTA members, raising awareness of pro bono opportunities and connecting members with such opportunities, and highlighting the pro bono efforts of INTA members. In fact, as an INTA member, Kangxin Partners has been highlighted by the Committee for the pro bono work it has done for the National Ballet of China in an effort to encourage other practitioners in China to find ways to give back to the community. The Spotlight article on Kangxin can be found here:

Participating and promoting efforts such as the INTA Pro Bono Pilot Clearinghouse and other activities aimed at bettering the IP community in China and globally has been of great concern to Kangxin Partners. To find out more about the other community initiatives by Kangxin, please visit the firm's website:

Mrs. Brandy E. Baker

(Of Foreign Counsel) advises Kangxin's foreign clients on a wide-range of intellectual property issues focusing largely on establishing ideal intellectual property and business strategies for both large and small entities who enter the Chinese market as well as providing enforcement advise for foreign brand and IP owners facing issues with infringers.