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Since its opening in 1994, patent applications filed by Kangxin have had a success rate of over 90% - one of the highest percentages in China. In 2013, Kangxin filed 1065 PCT applications on behalf of Chinese domestic clients.We were also ranked No. 2 in China and No. 5 in the world for IP firms according to the MIP Annual Survey.

Our Patent team is divided into three main divisions: Electronics, Chemistry & Life Sciences, and Mechanics. Each division has experts in the fields of chemistry, electronics, life sciences, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, communications and computer technology, and mechanics. With a strong team of professionals, Kangxin is able to provide specific IP insight and practical advice to our clients in these industries.

Our patent practice includes:

  Patent Research and Analysis
  Patent Prosecution
  Patent Re-examination and Invalidation
  Patent Portfolio Management Counseling
  Patent Enforcement
  Patent Licensing and Transaction


Kangxin’s increasing technical experience mirrors the explosive growth of the Chinese chemical industry in the last decade. Our attorneys have a broad range of advanced degrees in the chemistry field, and are qualified to provide a full range of intellectual property services.

China is a rapidly rising powerhouse in electronic research and development, reflected by the large number of local companies filing domestic and international patents. The Kangxin team possesses a deep understanding of the Chinese electronics sector and uses its experience to help clients protect and enforce intellectual property rights both domestically and internationally.

 Life Sciences-Pharmaceuticals
China is a growing center for R&D. A strong understanding of the Chinese research system is crucial to protect new medications, treatments, and their respective intellectual property rights. Our attorneys possess advanced degrees in a broad range of technical fields, and have experience addressing potential intellectual property needs for our clients in the pharmaceutical industry.

There has been explosive growth in the commercial application of biotechnology in China over the last decade. Government funded programs encourage the creation of new intellectual property achievements. Kangxin is proud to have worked with Chinese bio-tech pioneers, helping them to successfully patent their advancements, defend against infringement and ownership claims, and enforce patents in litigation.

 Communications and Computer Technology
Kangxin has a strong information and communications technology practice. We represent some of the leading domestic and international technology vendors and developers with their worldwide transactions. Our communications and computer technology group regularly handles cutting-edge matters in the legal IP industry.

Kangxin’s mechanical field attorneys work with international engineers and scientists to successfully patent their advancements, enforce patents through litigation, and defend against infringement and ownership claims.